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Постоянно DRILLING MANAGER (IRC212871)

для ENI в городе Хазар


Central Asia-Turkmenistan-ONSHORE BURUN-TM-BURUN FIELD


We are currently recruiting a Drilling Manager to manage the well construction process (WCP) and executing the drilling and completion operation in a safe, timely & economical manner and also provide leadership for the drilling team, managing resources to fit the work load.

The Key responsibilities are:

  • Full ownership and responsibility for the development and implementation of all Burren RPL Policies applicable to the drilling and completion operation.

  • Demonstrate personal commitment to HS&E management through active participation in audits, inspections, meetings and the observation program

  • Familiarize themselves with and follow all Burren RPL operational and HS&E policies as applicable.

  • Ensure technical training requirements applicable to theirs and all other positions within the drilling department are maintained current.

  • Report any incidents or accidents to the COMPANY Management as soon as possible after the occurrence.

  • Ensure information gets relayed to personnel within the drilling department as appropriate.

  • Actively participate in initiatives to minimize the impact of the drilling operation on the environment.

  • Liaise with service providers and the competent body regarding aspects of the drilling and completion operations as appropriate.

  • Ensure all documentation relating to the WCP is prepared within agreed time frames.

  • Co-ordination of the preparation of tenders and management of contracts on a daily basis.

  • Ongoing supervision of drilling and completion activities.

  • Control and co-ordination of critical/emergency situations occurring during all activities associated with the drilling and completion operation.

  • Direct, guide and motivate all staff responsible for all aspects of the drilling and completion operation.

  • Ensure the supervisors are continually updated on activities within their control.

  • Preparation of drilling and completion budget and reconciling the budget on a monthly and quarterly basis. Monitor, track and control all expenditures for drilling and completion operations.

  • Monitor and track operational performance and motivate the drilling team to continually improve on current performance.

  • Ensure that BRPL drilling operations are carried out in a technically competent, safely, timely and in cost effective manner.

  • Reporting upwards to function and line to ensure that such management is kept timely and accurately informed of drilling and completion activity.

  • Ensure all required consumables, resources and equipment are available prior to being required.

  • Supervising and liaising all Contractors in the day-to-day execution of all approved drilling, testing, completion and other operations.

  Employment contract

Fixed Term, international, rotational 28/28


  • Leadership & teamwork skills and behaviours which support team based organization

  • Effective drilling operations management and leadership skills

  • Ability to promote a “safety-is-a-value” culture


  • Fluent in Russian.

  • HPHT.
  • University Degree

  • Experience as Drilling Manager (or equivalent), preferably in a land based environment

  • Good working knowledge of general drilling systems for land based operations

  • Working knowledge of HSE practices common to the company and the industry






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