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Постоянно General Supervisor

для ES Gujurly Inzener в городе Туркменбашы





This is technical and specialized work in the provision of maintenance services of Oil & Gas sectorThis job requires an ability to independently plan and direct with work crew in an efficient performance of similar work. The work is performed under the general supervision of Operations Team Leader and COMPANY'S Site Representative. 



Key Job Description 


-       Serves as COMPANY'S representative at WORKSITE.

-       Plans and coordinates Construction and Painting Supervisors ac­tivities and their work programs.

-       Facilitates daily safety briefing by Construction and/or Painting Su­pervisors on the planned jobs with the crew.

-       Implements and maintain a safe working environment through adhering to correct working practices and procedures. This in­cludes maintaining good housekeeping at job site.

-       Ensures the tradesmen and the work activities are in compliance to CLIENT (International Oil & Gas Company) safety regulations

-       Shall be conversant with all the requirements of CLIENT’S WORK PERMIT system and ensuring the compliance of his/her work crew with said system. This will include the timely preparation and issuing of permits to ensure punctual work commencement

-       Reports daily achievement to CLIENT’S Representative.

-       Protects CLIENT’S asset issued to COMPANY from pilferage waste and abuse.

-       Discusses with CLIENT’S representative for the following daily plans.

-       Works at offshore and onshore locations.

-       Be familiar with both onshore and offshore construction opera­tions and working conditions. The work consists principally of field fabri­cation and welding of structural steel and the installation of piping electrical systems and maintenance painting. Also the work involves the day- to-day scheduling and planning of CLIENT’S personnel consumables and MATERIAL to perform electrical, instrument, mechanical and painting work at WORKSITES.

-       Capable of working safely and effectively from scaffolding or temporary structures at heights of above 30m (100 ft).

-       Capable of working from construction drawings and specifica­tions.

-       Be familiar with onshore and offshore safe work procedures.


Minimum Qualification:


-       10 years working experiences in Oil & Gas Industry of which have 5 years’ cumulative active experiences as Construction Supervisor or Painting Supervisor.

-       Fluency in Russian and Turkmen.

-       Good working knowledge of English lan­guage.


Location: Kiyanly, Turkmenbashy etrap, Balkan Velayat


All interested candidates should send their CV to the following email by indicating "General Supervisor" in the subject line: azimtillyayev@gmail.com


Only qualified candidates will be considered.


Deadline for submission: 29.01.2020

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