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Постоянно Field Structural Integrity Engineer - RPLDOT0144

для Dragon Oil в городе Хазар

Field Structural Integrity Engineer - RPLDOT0144 - (19000086)



Structural Integrity related Projects: Functioning as field representative of Integrity Department in design, planning and executing projects related to structural integrity  executed by in-house Construction or Contractors


1.            Develop Scope of Work for Projects related to structural integrity activities, (refurbishment, retrofitting, upgrade, inspection, monitoring, etc.)

2.            Project management/coordination of structural integrity jobs (by in-house and Contractor) as field representative of Integrity Department.

3.            Review documentation issued by outside parties and in-house (for example, new projects documents, third party certification reports, in-house Engineering packages Scope of Works and drawings, etc.), and provide comments and recommendations as appropriate.

4.            Provide supervisory and technical expertise to ensure that project work is in full alignment with company objectives and Key Performance Indicators, that work is completed on schedule and within budget, and that no important civil or structural engineering issues go unresolved.

5.            Participate in monitoring contractors and vendors’ quality of work in all relevant aspects.

6.            Review technical concession or deviation requests from contractors or vendors and recommend the appropriate response.

7.            Maintain complete and proper document control during all project phases, up to and including handover and post-contract follow-up.

8.            Conduct in-house structural assessments using SACS (or similar) structural analysis software and other commercial applications, as required or at request of other departments (Integrity Job Request).

9.            Conduct in-house design for structural repair, retrofitting and upgrade as required or at request of other departments (Integrity Job Request).

Planning, coordination and technical supervision/support for Inspection and QA/QC activities

1.            Planning inspection activities for offshore and onshore facilities structures.

2.            Technical support/supervision to Inspection team to execute different levels of survey, prepare reports (Inspection Worksheet, Root cause analysis, Method statement, etc.). and implement technical recommendations

3.            Technical support/supervision to QA/QC team to prepare ITP (Inspection and Test Plan) and carry out required jobs to issue completion certification for in-house Construction activities.


Asset Integrity Management: Implement Structural Integrity Management program for onshore and offshore assets.

1.            Complete planning and execution of Structural Integrity Management System (SIMS) for onshore and offshore assets.

2.            Follow international standards and industry best practices in carrying out asset integrity management procedures for onshore and offshore installations. 

3.            Project management/coordination of structural refurbishment and retrofitting jobs for offshore/onshore assets structures with reference to SIMS outcome, with in-house resources and contractors.





Minimum Education Level Required:     

Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering (preferred) or Mechanical Engineering.

Master’s degree in Structural, Naval Architectural or Ocean Engineering is a plus


Certificates for Structural Analysis software (SACS, SESAM, ETABS, SAP2000, etc.) is a plus.

Being a member of recognized engineering associations is a plus.

The minimum years of experience required :(All qualification listed Must be job related)            

Minimum 5 years of relevant oil and gas industry experience.



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