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Частично Translators

для Anastasiya (Все города)

Job Description

“Dalchyn” translation and education Centre


Job Title: Full time/ part time translators from English into Turkmen and Russian languages and

                  vice versa


Job purpose:  Translate or interpret written or spoken material into one or more languages, ensure           meaning and context are maintained, create glossaries or term dictionaries, possess knowledge of multiple languages (English, Russian and Turkmen (most welcomed), work with individuals and corporations




·         Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree (preferably in linguistics or teaching)

·         Fluency at least in two languages ( written and verbal communication)

·         Work experience of a translator or interpreter

·         Accuracy

·         Interpersonal Communication

·         Attention to Detail

·         Software Proficiency

·         Motivation

·         Ability to meet deadlines

·         Ability to work under pressure



Duties and responsibilities:


·         Translate variety of documents including literary, legal, research, technical, scientific, educational and commercial and other material

·         Read through or listen to material in one language, ascertain understanding of the meaning and context of that material and convert it into a second language, making sure to preserve the original meaning

·         Translate online, video and television media by providing subtitles

·         Consult with subject matter experts and other colleagues in order to understand specialized concepts and translate them appropriately

·         Follows up with clients to ensure satisfaction and understanding

·         Refer to online translation tools for additional assistance with translation

·         Adhere to industry quality standards established by the “Dalchyn” translation and education Centre to ensure that all completed work follows legal and ethical obligations

·         Support the delegation in case of interpretation


Job location:  Ashgabat


Work shifts: Full time (Mon – Fri; 9am-6pm; Sat 9am-4pm); part time positions are also available





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