Временно Exports and eCommerce Consultant

для Palladium Group (Все города)


Palladium seeks an Exports and eCommerce Consultant in Turkmenistan on part-time basis (20 hours/week) for the Future Growth Initiative (FGI) Task Order under the USAID (E4) Activity.

The Exports and eCommerce Consultant will be responsible for providing advisory, technical and project management support to FGI Turkmenistan in the thematic areas of export promotion and eCommerce.

Duration: The current task’s duration is from July-December 2021, while the FGI Task Order under the USAID E4 Activity is projected for 5 years (October 1, 2019 to September 20, 2024)

Location: Ashgabat, Turkmenistan 

More information on the Responsibilities and Requirements is available at https://palladium.csod.com/ux/ats/careersite/2/home/requisition/11614?c=palladium

Applications are accepted online under the same link. Deadline for submissions: July 13, 2021.

Questions can be addressed to:  tamir.shemesh@thepalladiumgroup.com. 


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Опубликовано 08-07-2021
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