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Постоянно Senior Supervisor- Field Services - REPL00101 - (1700007M)

для Dragon Oil в городе Хазар



Operational: Support the FCS staff in the areas of tendering and contract administration.

1.     Provide advice to FCS staff on matters related to tender documents and the overall contracting process for service contracts.

2.     Give input as needed on different types of tendering scenarios as well as contract risks.

3.     Review prospective contractor’s technical, operational and HSE plans as part of the tendering prequalification process and once a contract is awarded; ensure that these plans are in accordance with company policies, local legislations and industry best practices.

4.     Participate in the tender committee meetings to provide clarifications related to the tender or bidders.

5.     Implement company policies and procedures governing each tender to ensure a complete and fair process.

6.     Monitor contractor activities to ensure that they comply with contract provisions and compliance and are carried out in accordance with company policies and industry best practices.

7.     Verify invoices and follow up to create receipts/work confirmation to facilitate timely payments.

8.     Ensure all camp facilities are in habitable and safe condition and all anomalies are noted and acted upon.

9.     Ensure transport fleet are in roadworthy and safe condition and all required documentation are up to date.

10.  Expat LOI status is up to date and alerts for renewal is monitored daily

11.  Ensure liaison between transport and travel departments to optimize local travel operations.


Control: Policy, procedure and risk mitigation. 

1.     Work with Contracts department to ensure that an audit trail is in place to minimize the risk of contract disputes.

2.     Handle any claims between the department and the contractor, and attempt to resolve them to avoid escalation.

3.     Ensure compliance with and proper application of company procedures and internal regulations, including those pertaining to confidential information, and recommend updates as needed.


Reporting: Prepare reports in support of tendering and contract administration activities. 

  1. Prepare section reports in timely and accurate manner to meet company requirements, policies and standards.
  2. Provide reports and presentations to internal and external stakeholders as required.


Coaching and Mentoring: Actively contribute to the development of staff.

  1. Support department staff in meeting needs for employee training, development and skill gap closure.
  2. Coach employees in order to build their knowledge and skills.

3.     Mentor staff to ensure appropriate succession management.





Minimum Education Level Required: Bachelor’s degree in Engineering or Masters in Business


The minimum years of experience required: 10 years of experience with major or independent operating companies. International experience.





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