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Постоянно Lab Chemist - TBA00170 - (17000003)

для Dragon Oil в городе Хазар


Technical: Provide data on operational parameters through sample testing and interpretation of lab analyses.
  1. Ensure availability and reliability of all required Lab equipment to meet customers need.
  2. Prepare and update all required Lab procedures and policies to cover all type of tests.
  3. Prepare the appropriate apparatus and laboratory techniques to ensure safe, precise and accurate testing of samples.
  4. Visit field facilities to ensure proper lab sampling, analysis and procedures. Perform basic analyses using mobile testing kit tools.
  5. Prepare all required calibrating, volumetric and tracer solutions, as well as solvents for titration.
  6. Perform routine physical and chemical testing of samples to ensure that they are within established specifications. Conduct non-routine tests as needed to determine physical properties and to analyze chemical components in accordance with established methods and techniques.
  7. Carry out calculations, construct plots, prepare calibrating dependencies and formalize test results in accordance with existing instructions.
  8. Perform minor repairs, adjustments and calibration of laboratory apparatus to ensure that it is maintained in safe and efficient working condition. Inform management of any equipment malfunctions or cases where equipment cannot be repaired. Follow up on detected defects or malfunctions to ensure that they are resolved in a timely manner.
  9. Comply with all relevant safety, health and environmental procedures to ensure a healthy and safe work environment.
  10. Notify Laboratory Lead or Engineering Superintendent in the event of any emergency situations.
  11. Master new testing methods; control performance of calibration tests and equipment calibration.
Reporting: Compile reports on laboratory and field activities.
  1. Finalize results of laboratory and field analyses of oil, water, gas and chemical samples by preparing reports in compliance with existing instructions.
  2. Report findings in accordance with American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards.
  3. Provide regular and timely reports regarding reagents, test equipment and glassware so as to maintain supplies and avoid downtime.
HSE awareness and compliance: Maintain safe and environmentally friendly wellsite operations in accordance with company policy and statutory requirements.
  1. Promote awareness of company HSE policies and directives.
  2. Ensure that each company employees, contractor employee or visitor has received a formal site orientation and safety induction in accordance with company HSE policy.
  3. Participate in toolbox safety meetings on a regular basis and prior to operations that require specialized safety instruction.


Minimum: Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry or Chemical Engineering.

Preferred: Master of Science in Chemical or Physiochemical Analytical Engineering.


Minimum of 5 years of experience in laboratory and field operations in the oil and gas industry.
Knowledge of norms and technical documentation for products being analysed and their standard specifications, physical and chemical properties, and quality factors.

Strong familiarity with applicable international codes and standards, along with standard test methods under ASTM, TDS and other organizations.




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