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Постоянно Fire Fighter - TBA00185 - (1700001B)

для Dragon Oil в городе Хазар


  Job Purpose

·         To ensure Emergency Firefighting, search & rescue, salvage and Humanitarian services for DOTL Operations, Contractors, the local community and its residents are in a constant state of preparedness.

·         Fire Fighter is delegated and responsible for the day to day checking of the assigned Firefighting resources within the Fire Dept., responsible for carrying out all routine inspections, vehicle checks, training and ensuring these responsibilities are carried out as per policies, procedures and standing instructions and reports any deficiencies to the Fire Officer.

·         Responds to Emergencies, attends training exercise situations.

Duty or Responsibility

1.     Responds immediately and safely to all emergency and special-service calls ensuring the crew are in a “Constant state of preparedness”. Details operation of equipment and related apparatus and commands his crews in the suppression of fires, including rescue, advancing lines, entry, ventilation, salvage work, extrication and emergency medical care of victim with assistance from DOTL Doctor or other certified medical personnel.

2.     Ensures that all actions/procedures carried out at an incident are following recognized and safe practices, in-line with current training, operational procedures and regulations, taking into account life risk, property risk, resources and continual dynamic risk assessment. Takes into account the safety of other emergency service personnel and workers in the area/vicinity onshore and offshore.

3.     Ensures the maintenance, cleanliness and overhaul work of any firefighting equipment, vehicles, other associated equipment carried out as per instructions, or as laid down in maintenance and standard test schedules. Personally responsible for ensuring the condition and operational capabilities of any department vehicle and its ancillary equipment.

4.     Ensures all emergency equipment is kept in a state of readiness, monitoring cleanliness and repairs, and ensuring any testing is to approved standards and procedures. Checks on emergency resources provided for fire service use, including hydrants and fixed installations and reports any defects to the Fire Officer.

5.     Maintains a comprehensive knowledge of appliances and equipment and the operational procedures required to use such appliances and equipment, ensuring fully conversant in their use.

6.     Maintains a comprehensive knowledge of the local topography, risks and water supplies and ensure his subordinates are fully conversant.



1.     Ability  to  work  in  a  fire  safety  culture  in  a  multi-national  environment  where perceptions of safety and risk vary considerably.

2.     Has limited access to confidential information

3.     Exercises independent judgment and initiative in carrying out day-to-day activities in accordance with established policies and procedures under the overall supervision of the Fire Officer.

4.     Physical fit as the job involves regular physical effort.

5.     Complies with equal opportunities policies.

6.     Works as an effective team member.  Lead by example and be a role model for all personnel.




1.     Good negotiation skills.

2.     Good analytical skills, data interpretation and compilation skills.

3.     Good computer knowledge and skills.

4.     Good at working in a team environment.

5.     Good problem solving and motivational skills.

6.     Ability to work effectively with various personnel and in teams, and be flexible in work assignments.

7.     First Aid Knowledge.

8.     Ability to obtain a Turkmen driving license.




Minimum Education Level Required

Minimum pass of English Level 4 proficiency including advanced communication or equivalent in Russian.



Passed 2 weeks Breathing Apparatus Operators course (Essential).


The minimum years of experience required

Relevant firefighting experience.

A minimum of 5 years' experience as a Firefighter within National Fire Service or Civil Defense Fire Service is required. A sound mechanical aptitude and proof of the understanding of Fire and Rescue equipment and procedures is essential.



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