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Постоянно Wellsite Geologist - RPLDOT0102

для Dragon Oil в городе Балканабат

Duties, Responsibilities, Performance Standards & Percentage of Time:

 Percentage of Time

Duty or Responsibility



 Operational: Witness and supervise wellsite activities to ensure that high quality data is acquired in accordance with the drilling and formation evaluation programs.

 1. Ensure that all geotechnical documents are complete and communicated to drilling crew and logging engineers prior to commencing well operations.

 2. Supervise mud logging and, where applicable, MWD and LWD activities at wellsite. Describe samples and look for evidence of hydrocarbons.

 3. Maintain detailed stratigraphic correlation with offset wells to monitor drilling progress against the geological prognosis.

 4. Assist drilling personnel in well pressure control efforts by using drilling parameters, mud logging measurements, wellsite core descriptions and quick look log interpretation to identify potential transition or overpressure zones.

 5. Select casing and coring points in consultation with the Drilling Supervisor and the Dubai office to ensure integrity of casing shoes and full recovery of cores across reservoir intervals.

 6. Provide preliminary assessments of drilling results.

 7. Oversee open hole and cased hole wireline well logging operations in accordance with formation evaluation program.

 8. Be aware of budget availability, contribute to budget planning process and maintain cost control in well operations within budget constraints.





Reporting: Prepare reports in support of department activities.


1. Produce and issue the geological well programs for assigned operations.


2. Prepare and transmit daily geological reports and midday update reports to keep Drilling Supervisor and Dubai office fully informed of drilling progress and to provide a permanent record of wellsite activities.


3. Maintain an up-to-date lithology log using a wellsite log drafting package.


4. Compile end-of-well reports according to company formats and guidelines.


1. Compile the final composite log for each well, to include full stratigraphy (lithostratigraphy and biostratigraphy), wireline logs, lithology, rate of penetration, gas chromatogram, shows, core report, mud weight, derived pressure, summary well test results and lithology descriptions.






Control: Policy, procedure and risk mitigation.


1. Work with Drilling Supervisor to ensure that all wellsite geological operations are carried out safely, in accordance with company HSE guidelines, regulatory requirements and industry best practices.


2. Monitor HSE performance of contractor and service company personnel.


3. Maintain compliance with Dragon Oil guidelines and requirements regarding the gathering, quality control, maintenance, storage and retrieval of technical data.


4. Ensure compliance with and proper application of company procedures and internal regulations, including those pertaining to confidential information, and recommend updates as needed.






Coaching, Training and Mentoring: Actively contribute to the development of staff.


1. Support department staff in meeting needs for employee training, development and skill gap closure.


2. Coach employees in order to build their knowledge and skills.


3. Mentor staff to ensure appropriate succession management.


4. Motivate employees by encouraging, recognizing and rewarding superior performance.




Job Factors


Minimum Education Level Required


Bachelor’s degree in Geosciences


Certificate: The minimum years of experience required

(All qualification listed Must be job related)


7 years of experience in wellsite geology. Background to include at least 2 years with Western drilling contractors and equipment, 2 years with offshore wells, and at least 2 years of deviated field development wells, directly supervising the work of Western logging contractors (mud logging, MWD/LWD, wireline logging, pipe-conveyed logging). Experience in supervising formation pressure surveys and fluid sampling (RFT, MDT). At least 4 years of experience with wellsite drafting and reporting packages used and supported in the West such as QLOG or equivalent. Solid background in quick-look log interpretation. Wellsite geology experience in the Caspian region or Former Soviet Union, along with experience in cased hole logging operations, would be a plus.


The amount of supervision required to job holder employee (How and to what extent, is the employee's work checked?)


Level 2 – General Supervision


Some delegation of responsibility, some independence of routine matters. Incumbents exercise some control over both the technical and administrative aspects of work. Objectives may be set for the position, but the incumbent often works independently.


The analytical skill required (What is the complexity or standardization of the tasks which are performed?)


Level 3 – Analytic


Duties and tasks are varied and complex. Work is analytic, nonstandardized, requiring independent judgment to identify, select and apply the most appropriate course of action among available options.


Internal Customer


Drilling Supervisor, Drilling Manager, Reservoir Department Manager, Chief G&G, Senior Geologist, Senior Operations Geologist, Senior Geophysicist, Senior Petrophysicist


External Customer


Service company and contractor representatives




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