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Постоянно Finance & Accounts Manager

для Dragon Oil в городе Ашхабад

Duties, Responsibilities, Performance Standards & Percentage of Time:

Percentage of Time Duty or Responsibility

1) 25% Management: Supervise and manage effectively the members of the DOTL accounting team.

1. Plan and control the allocation of DOTL finance and accounting team resources in a manner that will ensure all finance and accounting activities are performed in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

2. Direct and supervise the day-to-day activities of the DOTL finance and accounting team.

3. Keep up-to-date on new and changes to laws and regulations relevant to DOTL accounting, and develop new or amend existing documents (guidelines, standards, procedures, etc.) when necessary.

4. In conjunction with Director of Finance and Head of International Finance Operations, develop Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), goals and objectives for the DOTL finance and accounting team.

5. Monitor working practices and processes to ensure DOTL finance and accounting KPIs, goals and objectives are met

6. Provide procedural, controls and technical guidance to staff and assist them in resolving queries and problems.

7. Provide input to develop appropriate staffing level to ensure that DOTL finance and accounting operations are handled effectively and efficiently.

2) 25% Operational: Perform and direct DOTL finance and accounting operations; ensure that proper controls and standards are in place and all activities comply with regulatory requirements and company policy.

1. Supervise monthly closing process to ensure that all related activities are completed in accordance with the schedule to facilitate timely reporting.

2. Direct and supervise together with line manager the Group 5-Year Business and Annual Operating Plan and Budget and its revision with close co-ordinations with DO Finance Head Office.

3. Direct and supervise preparation of Annual Work Program & Budget (WP&B) and its narrative as per “Agreement” (PSA/PSC/EDPSA/C)) and participate during MCM.

4. Ensure periodic management and other fiscal regulatory reporting on transactions, payables and other information as may be required by the Head Office and under the Production Sharing Agreement such as cost recovery, budget variance reporting, AFE and fixed assets register

5. Direct and supervise the preparation of variance report and cost control through detailed General Ledger and budget analysis to ensure cost correctly captured and reported to enable full cost recovery. Adverse trends identified; recommend measures to address issues (including non-conformities). As required informs management of recommended courses of action to mitigate losses and maximize profits, when significant events occur that can adversely affect the business long-term goals.

6. Work closely with all budget holders to ensure any variances explained, addressed and acted upon, and forecast numbers captured and reported. This include identify, execute, monitor and report the cost saving/optimization/reduction achievement to stakeholders and shareholder periodically. Coordinate with the operating departments in the field to resolve all matters that affect accounting and reporting.

7. Ensuring quality in forecasting and financial reporting issued to both shareholder and stakeholders.

8. Direct the overall Authorization for Expenditure (AFE) management including AFE closures. Supporting maximization of asset value through optimization of Dragon Oil full value chain.

9. Provide guidance and insight on the correct categorization of costs to meet internal needs and local regulatory requirements.

10. File annual and periodic tax returns applicable to the company’s Turkmenistan operations and resolve in a timely manner any issues arising with close co-ordination with DO Finance Head Office.

11. Compute and validate DOTL tax and other direct tax computations and returns ensuring that they meet local fiscal regulatory requirements and practice. Review and correct DOTL tax and payables accounting transactions and ensure that appropriate advice is given on compliance and consolidation of financial accounts.

12. Ensure that all reconciliations are performed and that the company's consolidation practices and principles are followed.

13. Review and approve accrual journal vouchers for future invoice payments.

14. Provide direction in the preparation of audit packs.

3) 20% Control: Policy, procedure and risk mitigation, monitoring performance and compliance and addressing problems as they arise.

1. Monitor and follow up on changes and updates to Production Sharing Agreement, as well as taxation and local tax regulations and make recommendations for changes to company policies, procedures and business practices to ensure continued compliance.

2. Maintain and keep up-to-date DOTL accounting policies, procedures and standing instructions.

3. Ensure compliance with all relevant tax laws, ensuring that all tax obligations are calculated properly in accordance with the applicable tax rules, paid and reported properly on time to avoid tax-related issues.

4. Manage the DOTL financial and taxation due diligence process.

5. Ensure payables and other accounting actions performed comply with local statutory requirements, internal control measures and are within the control framework (including compliance with relevant policies and procedures), and assist in establishing a controls compliance culture across the company

6. Ensure compliance with all Turkmenistan financial regulatory and reporting requirements.

7. Develop and implement position papers to ensure timely and proper close-out of audit recommendations and nonconformities.

4) 10% Reporting: Prepare reports in support of DOTL finance and accounting.

1. Prepare and file statutory tax returns.

2. Contribute to financial report requirements of the Production Sharing Agreement.

3. Measure and report DOTL finance and accounting team KPI performance on a quarterly basis.

4. Prepare and issue DOTL finance and accounting weekly and monthly reports.

5. Prepare DOTL finance and accounting input to the Risks Register.

5) 8% Liaison and coordination: Provide process and procedure guidance and insight to internal and external parties

1. Coordinate with DOHL Finance and advisors regarding tax and financial due diligence.

2. Coordinate with external and government (including tax) auditors to facilitate completion of scheduled audits in accordance with approved timelines.

3. Liaise with internal auditors on all matters related to the preparation and provision of DOTL documentation required for internal and external audits.

4. Liaise with other finance teams to ensure the completeness of tax calculations and payables reconciliations on a monthly basis.

5. Undertake any ad hoc responsibilities assigned by line manager.

6) 7% Team Membership and Participation

1. Attend the team meetings and execute the roles and responsibilities.

2. Discuss the project work, technical decisions, and management approach.

3. Being open to new ideas and work together as a team.

4. Performs efficiently and in a well-organized manner.

5. Achieve results and meet the main objective of the team.

7) 5% Coaching, Training and Mentoring: Actively contribute to the development of staff.

1. Support department staff in meeting needs for employee training, development and skill gap closure.

2. Coach employees in order to build their knowledge and skills.

3. Mentor staff to ensure appropriate succession management.

4. Motivate employees by encouraging, recognizing and rewarding superior performance.


 Bachelor’s Degree in finance, accounting economics or business studies

 Certificate: CIMA/ACCA/ ICAEW/CPA

 10-15 years oil and gas industry finance, tax and accounting experience, 5 years in a supervisor capacity, recognized professional accounting qualification




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