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Постоянно A & D HSE Supervisor

для Dragon Oil в городе Хазар

Control: Monitoring compliance and addressing problems as they arise.

1.Provide input to changes to current A&D project procedures and work practices necessary to maintain compliance with company legal and regulatory health and safety obligations.

2.Measure Company and contractor project worksite HSE performance against established performance standards and KPIs and recommend measures to address performance issues.

3.Monitor and report on progress and closeout of A&D projects related health and Safety Corrective Actions Requests (CARs) and Corrective Action Plans (CAPs).

4.Identify and report A&D project incidents and accidents.

5.Monitor project compliance with the company HSEMS requirements; ensure CARs are raised and CAPs implemented in the event of noncompliance.

6.Identify and report project health and safety nonconformance.

7.Identify and report project incidents and accidents.

8.Ensure health and safety standing instructions, standards, guidelines and quality requirements are followed by projects.

9.Participate in regular safety inspections and audits of project worksites to ensure the safety of people and facilities.

10.Participate in occupational health audits and surveys (hygiene, noise, chemical exposure, etc.) and in identifying corrective actions required.

11.Recognize changing project safety conditions; evaluate and recommend actions to be taken to maintain a safe work environment having due regard for any ongoing production, maintenance, drilling or engineering activities.

12.Ensure all project related health and safety documents, policies and procedures necessary to support periodic ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certification audits are properly managed and maintained.

Support and coordination: Implement initiatives to improve health and safety awareness and health and safety performance in project operations and construction activities.

1.Participate in identifying incentives and initiatives that could be implemented to help promote project health and safety awareness and develop a positive safety culture and a safe and healthy work environment.

2.Provide health and safety input in matters related to the design, operation, maintenance and updating of existing facilities and the design, operation and maintenance of new facilities.

3.Coordinate A & D project related emergency preparedness exercises and safety drills.

4.Participate in emergency response and crisis management debriefing meetings identifying projects related improvement actions to be taken. Undertake any ad hoc responsibilities assigned by HSE Superintendent with an aim of obtaining A&D project support in carrying out the planning and implementation of health and safety initiatives.

Management: Supervise and manage effectively assigned personnel in the Turkmenistan Health and Safety (H&S) team.

1.Direct and supervise projects Health and Safety team members.

2.Participate in identifying health and safety risks that are present in A&D project activities; monitor and report on effectiveness of mitigation measures implemented.

3.Support team members in meeting needs for employee training, development and skill gap closure.

4.Coach team members in order to build their knowledge and skills.

Training: Facilitate or conduct HSE training activities and exercises to improve HSE awareness and HSE performance across the organization.

1.Work with HSE Superintendent to identify A&D project HSE training requirements and assist in developing the necessary training to achieve a safe and healthy work environment.

2.Implement projects safety training plan; ensure that all company and contractor projects personnel are up-to-date with their required safety certification and safety training  


Bachelor’s Degree in an Engineering discipline or a professional HSE qualification 10 years relevant experience, 3 years in a supervisor capacity in upstream oil and gas industry organizations including working at operating facilities and on construction projects Operates independently under broad guidelines.

Incumbents have broad responsibility for planning, organizing and prioritizing work. Active control by the supervisor is only exercised on longer term goals and policy issues. This is the typical supervision level for middle managers and high level professionals.

Work is typically varied within the subject area and complex, but standardized. Responsibility is limited, but some evaluation, originality or ingenuity is required.

Other work teams are impacted by the work performed in this position.




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