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Постоянно Asset & Inventory Coordinator

для Weatherford в городе Балканабат


Asset & Inventory Coordinator II : Responsible for coordinating inventory levels and asset controls. Provides

information to determine status and current orders and to forecast needs for future orders. Compiles

documentation of materials and stock on hand. Monitors reorder points and initiates action to replenish stock.

Reconciles discrepancies in inventories. Notifies supervisor of irregularities and when stock reaches

designated reorder point.

Performs duties to support shipping and receiving, deliveries, coordinating stock, documenting warehouse

transactions, maintaining records, and overseeing storage of surplus inventory and property for the Country.

Develop thorough understanding of internal warehousing requirements.


Required Skills:

i. Knowledge of standard Asset and Inventory processes and procedures and skills for

implementation at the site level.

ii. Ability to understand key performance metrics and help improve at the site level.

iii. Excellent communication and speaking skills.

iv. Logical and methodical, results-driven. Determined and able to use sound judgment to achieve

business results.

v. Ability to work effectively under pressure and with tight timelines.

vi. Knowledge of or ability to reach proficiency in the use inventory and asset ERP software


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