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Постоянно Slickline Supervisor

для Dragon Oil в городе Хазар

Duty or Responsibility
1) 75%
Operational: Conduct Slickline well servicing operations in accordance with company policy and established site operating practices .

    Review well operations program and well files as required to direct the team in planning the operation, preparing the necessary equipment to execute a successful well intervention. Supervise pre-job activities and rig-up procedures in accordance with the work program and standard slickline operating procedures. Physically get involved in rigging-up, rigging-down, making up the slickline tool string, running and retrieving the tool string, and all other aspects of slickline jobs. Ensure that the tools are properly made up and that the appropriate tools are selected for the job at hand. Follow Well Services Slickline Standard Operating Procedures for routine jobs like wax cutting, drifting and tagging Follow the slickline work program as received from the Senior Slickline Supervisor, Well Services Supervisor or Completion Engineer; do not deviate from the program except with a written instruction from the Supervisor or Line Manager. Attend pre-job briefing with Supervisor and verify understanding of all aspects of the job.. Prepare the tool container, slickline unit and power pack in the shop prior to dispatching to the well site. Ensure that Pressure Control Equipment package is up to date with certification and pressure rating. Help the Senior Slickline Supervisor and Well Services Material Controller to prepare mobilization-demobilization manifests. Ensure all equipment lifting, offloading and back loading is done in a safe manner and as per DOTL lifting procedure. Upon arriving at well site, Rig or workover unit, assess location, get familiar with site and evaluate any potential risk. Lead tool box talk and pre job safety meetings. Verify that all equipment is good condition and report any anomalies or malfunctions immediately to direct supervisor and/ or maintenance team. Use all equipment as per manufacturer recommendation and within operational limits. Advise if any abuse or miss-use is ongoing in the field and correct such practices. Understand each equipment component's technical specifications and hydraulic circuits. Issue and sign the Permit to Work (PTW) from the proper PTW holder. Apply best practices in using slickline equipment, maximizing equipment utilization and performing downhole activities. Supervise post-job activities, rig-down of equipment and turning over of well to operations upon completion of slickline operations. Make sure all equipment and tools are cleaned and returned to original condition post completion of job. Any damage needs to be repaired or reported beyond damage to the Senior Slickline Supervisor. Be able to diagnose any problem on jobs and come up with solutions or alternatives. Get involved in equipment maintenance and do occasional repairs as needed. Test wire as needed and maintain a wire log and report length and condition of wire to his direct supervisor and WS material controller. Advise on needed spare parts, consumables, tools, or hand tools ahead of time. Prepare post job report and submit in due time to his direct supervisor and Well Services Supervisor. Assume accountability for any NPT that is caused due to human error or wrong work practices.

Management: Supervise slickline crew and manage resources.
1. Supervise slickline crew, ensuring full compliance with all relevant safety and quality procedures.
2. C oach team members in order to build their knowledge and skills.
Control: Monitor performance and compliance and address problems as they arise .
1. Check that all slickline and associated equipment that is to be mobilized is certified and fit-for-purpose.
2. Conduct pre-job activities and well operations in accordance with Dragon Oil quality procedures.
Support and coordination: Implementation of initiatives to improve team health and safety awareness and health and safety performance.

    Actively promote and comply with company HSE, operational and QA procedures and work instructions to ensure a safe and efficient operation. Demonstrate a personal commitment to Quality, Health, Safety and the Environment. Be responsible and accountable for health and safety of crew. Ensure all HSE and quality standards are followed and lead his crew by example in reporting near misses and operational anomalies.

Reporting: Prepare reports in support of operations.

    Complete company operational reports in accordance with quality procedures.

2. Report equipment performance, maintenance and safety issues to Senior Slickline Supervisor to establish equipment performance records and support safety policy.


Minimum Education Level Required

Bachelor Degree
Certificate: Mechanical/Electrical
The minimum years of experience required
(All qualification listed Must be job related)
5 years experience in direct hands-on slickline operations with at least 2 years of supervisory role.
Familiarity with a wide range of completion accessories (Baker and Camco), such as nipples, SSD, SCSSSV, GLV, CIM, etc.

The amount of supervision required to job holder employee (How and to what extent, is the employee's work checked?)
Level 2 - General Supervision
Some delegation of responsibility, some independence of routine matters. Incumbents exercise some control over both the technical and administrative aspects of work. Objectives may be set for the position, but the incumbent often works independently.
The analytical skill required (What is the complexity or standardization of the tasks which are performed?)

Level 3 - Analytic
Duties and tasks are varied and complex.Work is analytic, nonstandardized, requiring independent judgment to identify, select and apply the most appropriate course of action among available options.
Internal Customer
Reservoir Development department, Drilling Department, Offshore Production Department
External Customer
Contractors and materials suppliers




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